For over 40 years, Centennial has grown to become a leading provider in plumbing, heating, electrical, and renovation services for Saskatoon and area. In 2010, we are bringing our years of experience together to launch our new
custom homes division.

This blog will chronicle our first custom home build and provide you with first hand knowledge on common challenges and rewarding triumphs that coincide with building any home.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Entrance to a Home

From the moment guests enter your house you want them to notice the care and beauty of your home. The front door on Temperance has created quite the buzz because of its beauty. To give you a little more insight to this gem Centennial General Manager, Tom Firth, was willing to share the process behind the door.

"Wow what a front entrance door and what a procedure to have it painted. In order to have an outstanding looking front entrance we started with a top of the line Fiberglass door; yes, that’s correct Fiberglass. We first picked up the components for the door and delivered them to the automotive body shop and they “Jammed” them for us. That’s a process of spraying paint into the edges that are pretty much hidden once the glass is installed and will ensure that any slight expansion or contraction does not expose the white color. We then returned it to the door plant and they assembled all of the components. Back to the body shop for final prep and paint, it took over 8 hours for prep and setup. It was then taken into the paint booth for its final coats of paint. A single stage black urethane automotive paint was used to ensure the door will not fade.

Disassembly from the paint jig as well as moving out of the paint booth and into the trailer for site delivery was a 4 man job due to the overall size, but in the end we got what we wanted - a first class magnificent front entry!"

If you’re curious, this door was prepped and painted by none other than Andrew Faris of Graveyard Customs and Restorations in Warman – 1-306-260-1155.

Consider a spectacular welcoming piece for your next home!

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