For over 40 years, Centennial has grown to become a leading provider in plumbing, heating, electrical, and renovation services for Saskatoon and area. In 2010, we are bringing our years of experience together to launch our new
custom homes division.

This blog will chronicle our first custom home build and provide you with first hand knowledge on common challenges and rewarding triumphs that coincide with building any home.

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and share your building stories as we watch this dream home come to life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adding Purple to Make it Green

The residents of the Temperance build made a simple request - they wanted their home to be green; so we went in and sprayed it purple! No, not the paint colour. Poly Plus came by last week and filled the walls and ceilings with purple spray foam insulation which is an environmentally friendly building solution. What makes spray foam so great? Because it is a spray instead of sheets of fiberglass, every crack and corner is completely filled leaving no drafts or room for air to enter or escape the home. This means the cold air stays out and the heat stays in allowing your furnace to not work quite so hard. This lowers your utility bills and gives you more comfort. Also, because the foam fully fills the space, bugs are less likely to enter the home in the spring. Spray foam also reduces moisture infiltration preventing mold growth. Watch how a little purple can make a home turn green!


  1. Enjoyed that video. We're building a house right now in the Vancouver area, and for us spray foam is cost prohibitive, I'm told. Apparently it just doesn't get cold enough here to justify the expense. Of course, Saskatchewan is a different story... Any comment on pricing, when compared to traditional insulation?

  2. Thank you for your question! The cost of sprayfoam insulation is roughly 2.5 times the cost of regular insulation. In Saskatchewan the average payback time is 10 years. However, for this house we are expecting a payback time of 6 years because we sprayfoamed the roof, the R value we get from the added foam on the outside in our stucco package, and the overall system design.

  3. Spray Foam Roofing Systems provide many benefits to building owners. The two most important benefits is the value of the seal / leak prevention and insulation.