For over 40 years, Centennial has grown to become a leading provider in plumbing, heating, electrical, and renovation services for Saskatoon and area. In 2010, we are bringing our years of experience together to launch our new
custom homes division.

This blog will chronicle our first custom home build and provide you with first hand knowledge on common challenges and rewarding triumphs that coincide with building any home.

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and share your building stories as we watch this dream home come to life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bringing Down the House

Let's face it, building a house is very hard work. It requires a lot of coordination and planning, and even then you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Unplanned events like rain delays and equipment availability can make scheduling a real juggling act. Don't despair though! There is fun to be had as well. Demolition, anyone?

But before you just start knocking down walls, remember that safety is always the number one concern. Make sure that all your services are disconnected, overhead power lines are accounted for, and make sure the house is clear of people before you knock it down!

We've put together a video to show you the process. A word of warning, though - this video contains educational content!

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